Video shows how gender reveal party became an $11 million Arizona fire

Video captures dramatic moment that caused Sawmill Fire

Footage Released Of Explosive Gender-Reveal That Sparked Massive Wildfire

The US Forest Service distributed footage showing a rectangular target with a diamond, chequered design marked with "boy" or "girl" in Coronado National Forest in Arizona.

The U.S. Forest Service has released a video of the exploding target that started what became the 46,000-acre Sawmill Fire southeast of Tucson in 2017.

Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey, 37, pleaded guilty in federal court in September to igniting the fire.

He fired a rifle at a target that was supposed to reveal the gender of his unborn baby.

It was later discovered that the shooting target contained Tannerite, a legal brand of highly explosive substance that erupts when shot by a high-velocity bullet.

At the end of the video, a man can be heard yelling twice for people to, "Start packing up".

An American couple accidentally started a 47,000-acre wildfire that took nearly 800 firefighters to extinguish when their gender reveal went horribly wrong.

The resulting inferno burned through 47,000 acres and caused $8Million in Damages.

"It was a complete accident", Dickey told a judge on Friday.

One of the commenters where the video is posted on YouTube, wrote, "I feel bad for the poor baby boy who's inheriting those genes".

The Arizona Daily Star first reported on the video it obtained on Monday through a public records request, and it was shared widely on social media. According to the Daily Star, Dickey agreed to pay $100,000 when he was sentenced in October and another $120,000 in monthly payments of $500 over 20 years.

The damage was estimated to be more than $8 million.

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