Trump blasts Roskam, other losing House Republicans, for not embracing him

US Democrats win House Republicans keep Senate

US Democrats win House, Republicans keep Senate

"It may not be a blue wave, it's a rainbow wave", he said.

A total of 51 seats were won by the Republican party, 44 by the Democrats and two by other parties.

Speaking at a wide-ranging White House press conference, Trump, by turns combative and conciliatory, said Democrats and Republicans should set aside partisanship to work together.

President Donald Trump says Republicans "defied history" in the midterms as he seeks to take credit for expected Republican gains in the Senate while minimising House losses.

The 2010 election results-even more than the 2014 polls-was voters expressing their dissatisfaction with Obama's policies, healthcare in particular.

In locking down a majority, Democratic candidates flipped seats in several suburban districts outside Washington, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Denver and Dallas that were considered prime targets for turnover because they were won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Record diversity on the ballot may have helped drive turnout.

But that pressure from the left to wield the House majority to go after Trump has not gone away.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is losing (and refusing to concede), even after campaigning with former president Barack Obama and popular talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

"For Democrats, winning the House is not necessarily about advancing a major agenda of their own, it's about preventing the Republicans from advancing their agenda", explains managing editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball at University of Virginia Center for Politics Kyle Kondik.

In suburban areas where key House races were decided, female voters skewed significantly toward Democrats by a almost 10-point margin. Republican Gov. Scott Walker's narrow loss in his bid for a third term left Democrats optimistic they could reclaim Wisconsin along with other traditionally blue states that Trump carried, such as MI and Pennsylvania.

The Republican side of the aisle elected mostly white men. But Democrats unseated Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, captured the governor's mansion in MI, and held onto the governorship in Pennsylvania, three states that sealed Trump's victory in 2016.

The results were more mixed deeper into Trump country. "And she lost. Too bad, sorry about that, Mia!"

"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!" he tweeted.

Arizona's race remains tight, with Republican Martha McSally holding 49.3 percent to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's 48.4 percent and 99 percent of precincts reporting.

Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who is slated to steer the House Judiciary Committee warned that the election was about accountability for Trump.

Trump encouraged voters to view the 2018 midterms as a referendum on his leadership, pointing proudly to the surging economy at recent rallies.

"Peter Roskam didn't want the embrace", Trump said. More women than ever were running, along with veterans and minorities, many of them motivated by revulsion over Trump. He added, "Two can play that game!"

One of Trump's most vocal defenders on immigration, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, lost his bid for governor. He served as vice chairman of Trump's now-defunct commission on voter fraud. In addition to confirming two conservative Supreme Court justices, the Senate has confirmed an unprecedented number of conservative judges to the lower courts during Trump's term, potentially reshaping America's judicial system for decades.

Midterm losses are typical for the party in the White House.

Most past presidents have suffered reversals during the midterms. "If we don't do that, if we're continuing to be seen as elite and that people are "deplorables" if they don't vote for us, we're going to have a big problem".

The Southwest, on the other hand, has never been friendly territory for Trump.

They argue that such favours to Trump include Chinese government trademarks for his companies, payments for hotel room stays and event-space rentals by representatives of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and proceeds from Chinese or Emirati-linked government purchases of office space in Trump Tower.

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