Formula 3 driver fractures spine after horrific crash during Macau Grand Prix

Sophia Floersch

The aftermath of the frightening accident

Global motorsports chief Jean Todt has promised the governing FIA will investigate Sunday's horrific aerial crash at the Macau Formula Three Grand Prix which left 17-year-old German driver Sophia Floersch with a spinal fracture.

The fencing of the race track was repaired and, after a delay of over an hour, the race was restarted.

"Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into surgery tomorrow morning", Floersch wrote. Her auto went through debris fencing and hit a photographers' locker before falling back on its wheels.

Initial reports stated Floersch was conscious and her vital signs were stable.

"I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. Update soon", she added.

"The driver of vehicle #31 Sho Tsuboi (JPN), as well as two members of the media and one marshal, were also transferred to a local hospital in a conscious state for further evaluation".

The video of the crash was just plain terrifying. "I hope she's really doing well but I've heard that she's fine, which is great".

Floersch's team boss, Fritz van Amersfoort, told that Floersch was accompanied to the hospital by her father, Alexander Floersch.

Floersch was being followed by Ferrari junior driver Guan Yu Zhou at the time.

FIA president Jean Todt has promised a full investigation into the horrific aerial crash at Macau that has left F3 driver Sophia Floersch with spinal injuries.

The only street GP where both cars and bikes compete also witnessed British rider Daniel Hegarty flew into barriers off a sharp bend and lost his helmet before sustaining fatal damage in 2017.

She was the first woman from Germany to compete in the event.

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