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You Can Now Use ‘Hey Siri’ to Trigger Google Assistant Using Siri Shortcuts

Google Assistant Can Now Be Launched Using Siri Shortcuts

Now, though, the latest version of the Google Assistant iOS app will help you make custom Siri Shortcuts, which will allow you to issue "OK Google" hotword commands (via The Verge).

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You Can Now Use ‘Hey Siri’ to Trigger Google Assistant Using Siri Shortcuts

Well, this is insidious: Google has figured out a way to subvert Siri so that you can use it to summon Google Assistant on the iPhone instead.

It's only been seven years since Siri made her first appearance on the iPhone 4S and whilst she was arguably the first ubiquitous artificial assistant, a whole mess of imitators have since cropped up. You would have to either go to the Google Assistant or Google app and talk to it manually or go to your mobile Safari browser and type it in. You'll need to record a trigger phrase - such as "Ok Google" - since it's apparently unable to pull in a pre-existing voice command you may have already set up on another Assistant-powered device. Apple's Siri came out last for efficiency ...

As we have mentioned earlier, Google has updated its Assistant to take advantage of Siri Shortcuts.

Adding a Chromecast device to your existing home theater setup makes streaming from mobile apps and even your PC incredibly simple, and extends the world of Google Assistant past the realm of audio-only interaction. This could open the door to using smart home devices that don't support HomeKit but do Google Assistant, making them easier to use within Apple's ecosystem. From the moment you say "OK Google", your Assistant will be listening for further command. Upon launching it, you should see an option near the top of the launch screen to tap to add "OK Google" to Siri. If you used the same name for your Shortcut, you could simply say, "Hey Siri, going to bed", which will call on the Assistant Routine and perform the action. If you download the Shortcuts app, you can record extra phrases that tie into existing Google Assistant routines.

Android users have been able to use the "OK Google" hotword to launch Google Assistant for a while now.

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