Theresa May's awkward dancing has become an inevitable meme

The dancing queen

The dancing queen

There has been widespread consternation as UK Prime Minister made a decision to demonstrate her dance steps yet again. She then sought to...

Fresh from dancing her way on stage, during her speech, May warned European Union leaders that Britain was not afraid to leave the bloc without a separation deal, and told the audience that internal party disunity risked the Brexit process being reversed. To "Dancing Queen" by 70s pop group Abba, no less.

Theresa May astonished Conservative party members by beginning her keynote speech at the party's conference by dancing to Abba.

Someone else commented: "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!"

People took to twitter to complain about May's dancing moves. "What might have seemed amusing after a couple of cocktails is ridiculous and inappropriate in the harsh light of reality".

But what has undoubtedly gathered the most attention of late is her dance moves.

Her speech was aimed at providing an upbeat vision for Britain post-Brexit - and after eight years of austerity.

The address received a massive standing ovation from activists, as husband Philip walked on stage and kissed her while ELO's Mr Blue Sky played over the PR.

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