Senate Democrats suggest past Federal Bureau of Investigation probes found evidence of Kavanaugh misconduct

Today in Trump’s America Mitch Mc Connell schedules vote on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Lawyer: FBI has completed Mark Judge interview

And each morning, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have lobbed not-so-veiled shots at each other from across the Senate floor. With Republicans clinging to a razor-thin 51-49 majority and five senators - including three Republicans - still vacillating, the conservative jurist's prospects of Senate confirmation remained murky and highly dependent on the file's contents, which are supposed to be kept secret.

"It's time to put this embarrassing spectacle behind us", he said. Senators are not supposed to divulge the contents of the agency's background reports. Feeding the anxiety was an unusually beefy presence of the U.S. Capitol Police, who were keeping demonstrators and frequently reporters at arm's length by forming wedges around lawmakers walking through corridors. It remains to be seen what kind of light the Federal Bureau of Investigation can shed the claims against Kavanaugh, but one thing is already clear: Many Senate Democrats won't be satisfied with the narrow scope of the probe. "You're not helping", Trump ally Sen. Now the New York Department of Taxation is "vigorously pursuing" a review of the Trumps' activities.

"Colleagues, including my friend, the Democratic leader, have tried to get Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw from this process because of these uncorroborated and sometimes absolutely ridiculous allegations", McConnell began.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of IL quoted the tweet, adding that the tweet was "not accurate".

Committee Republicans tweeted in response that their prior tweet was "completely truthful" and accused Democrats of "false smears".

But at a rally Tuesday night in Mississippi, Trump changed his tune, ridiculing Ford's memory of the purported events.

GOP Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake are the other key senators. "There's no time or place, but particularly, to discuss something so sensitive at a political rally is just wrong", Flake told CNN's Raju.

Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota have also yet to declare their positions on Kavanaugh.

"All of us need to keep in mind there's a few people that are on the fence right now". Bob Corker of Tennessee, who has traded barbs with Trump and will retire at year's end. At a campaign rally, he mimicked her and often inaccurately recalled her answers to questions she faced at a Senate hearing last week, drawing laughter from the sympathetic crowd but concern from Republicans that he'd made nailing down votes for Kavanaugh more complicated.

"I know yesterday [McConnell] said that was not going to be the case, but I have a feeling they're probably trying to figure out some way of disseminating this", Corker said.

The National Council of Churches said in a statement that he had shown "extreme partisan bias" during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and lacked the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge.

White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday echoed the president's newly aggressive approach. I don't care how many members they chase, how many people they harass here in the halls, we will not be intimated by these people, how many people they harass here in the halls. On Twitter, he hailed Kavanaugh as "a fine man and great intellect" and insisted, "The country is with him all the way!"

"I thought [Ford] was handled respectfully", Graham said regarding Christine Blasey Ford's testimony regarding an alleged sexual assault she said happened between Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge in high school in the early '80s.

However, as of Wednesday afternoon, senators did not expect to receive a full report of everything the FBI investigated in their week-long investigation - rather, they expected interview summaries without any drawn conclusions or summaries from the FBI, Republican Sen. Background checks do not traditionally contain investigators' conclusions about who they believe is credible.

Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins, both key votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, spoke out a day after Mr Trump's remarks at a MS rally. The President, however, made a decision to attack the gaps in her memory - to loud cheers from the crowd.

Ramirez has said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when they both attended Yale University.

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