Saudi Prince Likely to Survive Worst Crisis Yet — AP Analysis

Think Trump is erratic now? Just wait until after the midterm

Saudi official provides yet another version of Khashoggi's death

Turkish media reported Sunday that Khashoggi's fiancée has been given 24-hour police protection. She alerted authorities after the writer did not emerge from the building.

An EU "code of conduct" on arms sales says member states ought to deny export licences if their weapons were to "prolong armed conflicts" or if clients violated "international humanitarian law".

Speaking to reporters in Berlin on Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the arms freeze and said she will continue working with global allies to coordinate their response to Khashoggi's murder inside a Saudi consulate.

"We have a common position on arms exports that regulates many things in this sense, but final responsibility is with the member states, and hence this is a question that is in their hands", an European Union foreign service spokeswoman said on Monday.

The Saudi foreign minister has since called his death a "huge and grave mistake".

This narrative is the latest Saudi account that has changed multiple times.

"While it might be too early to evaluate the reaction of the worldwide community, these moves might be read as a serious initial signal that the Saudi leadership is course correcting", wrote Ayham Kamel, the head of Mideast and North Africa research at the Eurasia Group.

"They made the mistake when they killed Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate and they tried to cover up for it", he said.

"He extended his condolences to the family of the slain journalist. For 50 years we can not live with a crown prince who is an enemy of Turkey", said Selvi.

Anonymous Saudi officials have told Western media outlets in recent days that Khashoggi's corpse was rolled into a carpet and handed to a "local collaborator" to dispose of.

A bipartisan group of USA lawmakers is accusing the crown prince of directing the operation.

But doubts remain in the worldwide community over whether the admission really means that the Saudi government is willing to come clean, especially over any involvement by the crown prince. Retno said the visit was scheduled after the Saudi monarch visited Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, in March a year ago.

Trump said he planned to consult with Congress to devise a response.

The Brookings' Shadi Hamid on the Saudi's shifting explanations. But in an interview with The Post late Saturday, Trump conceded that there had been "deception".

The driver said they did not sense an extraordinary situation on the day when Khashoggi entered the consulate and he had not been sent anywhere outside of the consulate.

"The threatening, attacking or killing of journalists, under any circumstances, is unacceptable and of utmost concern to our three nations".

A joint Turkish-Saudi team completed an investigation into the case on Thursday after searching the residence of the consul general as well as the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. "The assassination team then killed Khashoggi after the conversation ended".

Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan has announced he will "go into detail" about the Khashoggi investigation, including what authorities know about the 15-member "hit squad", in a special parliamentary address on Tuesday.

A man purportedly wearing Jamal Khashoggi's clothes was seen leaving the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul the day the Saudi journalist disappeared, according to CCTV footage obtained by CNN. Saudi Arabia has acknowledged that the critic died there, though says his death was the result of a "fistfight".

That claim though met widespread scepticism.

Saudi Oil Minister Khaled al-Faleh told the TASS news agency that "there is no intention" of repeating the events of 1973.

It is a step that President Donald Trump has signaled his opposition to, citing the value of United States arms exports to the kingdom.

Talking to "Fox News Sunday", he added that Mohammad bin Salman should be replaced and the U.S. should re-consider its arms sales to the kingdom not just because Khashoggi's killing but also over the war in Yemen.

They added that it was "hard to imagine what crime the Saudi government would need to commit" for it to be condemned by ministers.

"Yes, I think he did it", said Senator Bob Corker.

On Saturday, the Saudi authorities said that Khashoggi died in the course of a "fight" with agents who were trying to interrogate him in the legation.

He says of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally: "The Turks have been talking more to the media than they have us".

After weeks of denying knowledge of his fate, Saudi officials said Saturday the prominent journalist was killed in a "rogue operation".

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said on ABC's This Week that the killing should be a "relationship-altering" event for the USA and Saudi Arabia, which has said it will retaliate against any economic sanctions or other moves against it. He also insisted that Prince Mohammed, defacto ruler of Saudi Arabia, was not to blame.

He also urged Turkey to turn over purported audio recordings of Khashoggi's killing inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. That explanation has sparked allegations of a cover-up meant to shield the powerful crown prince.

Investigators hunting for Khashoggi's body have tracked two Saudi Arabian consulate vehicles to separate locations outside the city centre.

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