Possible storm has northern Gulf Coast in its sights

Tropical wave could affect western Caribbean

Tropical Depression could form by late this weekend

The storm would be named Michael if it becomes more organized.

The intensity forecast calls for slow strengthening to near hurricane force toward landfall.

We are also keeping our eyes on two separate waves in the Atlantic, but one is likely to form into a tropical depression within the next 24 hours. This general motion is expected for the next couple of days.

The current forecast has the storm reaching the US mainland in western Florida as a tropical storm around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Happy Saturday night! While you're enjoying your weekend, things are looking to become busy in the world of weather. We could see some tropical downpours and storms here in the Midlands, all depending on the track of this potential system.

Tropical Depression Fourteen formed overnight south of Cancun, Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center said late Friday that conditions now limiting development will change in the coming days, becoming more conducive for slow development. It is moving to the north at 3 miles per hour.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with the strength and timing with this system.

Forecasters at the National Weather Services National Hurricane Center are monitoring the system, which is now centered just north of the Honduran Bay Islands, according to a Saturday morning release. An intense cold front is set to move in during the Tuesday/Wednesday timeframe!

All of the forecasters cautioned that conditions could change quickly and urged residents across the Gulf Coast to stay abreast of the storm's progress.

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