Major updates to Adobe Creative Cloud applications

Adobe finally has a full version of Photoshop for the iPad

Adobe Unveils Photoshop for iPad, Launching in 2019

Adobe previewed the app over the summer, and will announce the publicly available app at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles on Monday.

Photoshop CC for iPad was created to exploit the touch screen of the device while providing the same power of the desktop counterpart.

With PhotoshopCC on your iPad, you will be able to accomplish desktop class editing on the go. Adobe's own offering in this field, however, has thus far been lacking, with neither Photoshop Express nor its other smattering of mobile apps being powerful enough for some creators.

Though Adobe's goal is full feature parity between desktop and iPad versions of Photoshop, the 1.0 release of Photoshop on iPad will lack certain features that will be added over time with future updates. It is possible that Adobe will roll out features gradually via software update.

Image adobe
Image adobe

With the same code base in place, Photoshop CC on the iPad will be almost indistinguishable from the desktop app, save for some adjustments to the user interface and the addition of touch gestures.

Updated Photoshop for iPad has received nearly all the basic functions of their desktop version, including support for PSD files, fonts, brushes, layers, masks, colors, and images Adobe Stock.

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Edits will also seamlessly transfer between desktop and the iPad via Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Common to Photoshop on all platforms will be a somewhat reworked file format: Cloud PSD.

Back to Photoshop, the app is now being developed only for the iPad, though Belsky hasn't ruled out a possible variant for Android, saying that he "hopes to bring more" products to the platform.

The interface will look familiar to regular Photoshop users, though Adobe has made changes to make Photoshop's maze of menus and toolbars a bit easier to navigate on a touchscreen (something we should all be grateful for). The new iPad will have vastly improved processing power brought about by the A12X processor coupled with Face ID tech and a new design brought about by a bezel-less frame on the front.

The target demographic for Adobe Premiere Rush is YouTubers and other web content creators.

"Redesigned for a modern touch experience, Photoshop CC on iPad will deliver the power and precision of its desktop counterpart".

In this video by PiXimperfect, the top 20 features of the new release of Photoshop is explained in detail with examples.

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