LeBron James: Lakers' Team Chemistry Not Like "Instant Oatmeal"

Laker Film Room Can this team shoot the three

Laker Film Room Can this team shoot the three

The Los Angeles Lakers will be opening the season on the road against the Portland Trail Blazers. "I always kind of compare it to like instant oatmeal".

Learning to play as a cohesive unit is a process that happens "not as fast as you guys think it's going to happen", James said, according to ESPN. Chemistry does take time to develop in the National Basketball Association, and without a set rotation yet, the Lakers will have to get used to one another.

This includes his first-ever regular season game in 2003 - a 106-92 loss to the Sacramento Kings, an 88-80 loss to the Boston Celtics right after his move to the Miami Heat in 2010, then another L to the New York Knicks (95-90) upon returning to Cleveland in 2014.

He finished with 26 points, 12 rebounds and six assists from 37 minutes of game time.

In his rookie season in 2016-17, Ingram only averaged 9.4 points per game along with 4.0 rebounds, and 2.1 assists, while shooting 40.2% from the floor and 29.4% from three point range.

But despite all the early promise, Portland still managed to ruin the party. The Portland Trail Blazers defeated the Lakers 128-119, extending their winning streak over the Lakers to 16 games. Unsurprisingly, LeBron said it's going to take a little while, and he explained why by using an oatmeal analogy. "Those are things that as we all continue to work with one another, we will get better".

He will have the chance to make amends on Saturday, with the Lakers hosting the Houston Rockets at the Staples Center.

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