Kavanaugh aided by Graham's fiery defense



"If you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you have done to this guy", Graham said, arguing that Ford has been "as much a victim" as Kavanaugh. "This is hell", Graham thundered, as Kavanaugh was grilled in a marathon Senate hearing which earlier heard testimony from his accuser, university professor Christine Blasey Ford.

"God help anybody else that gets nominated", Graham said. You should be ashamed...

President Donald Trump on Saturday pushed back on reports that the White House had ordered the FBI to limit the scope of the investigation, including the number of alleged witnesses, writing in a tweet that "I want them to interview whoever they deem appropriate, at their discretion".

Senator Lindsey Graham thinks Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

"Let me put it this way to my Republican colleagues", Graham told reporters.

Poor Brett thinks it's bad that his appalling behavior from so long ago has become an issue as part of a confirmation hearing for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Granted, Dems might argue they're taking a bigger risk now voting for Kavanaugh given [sexual misconduct] allegations, but Graham still sees himself as someone who should be a model for bipartisan fairness.... And also, did you know, he has female friends and family members that he's never assaulted?

"When you see [Supreme Court Justices] Sotomayor and Kagan, say hello because I voted for them". The Senate Judiciary Committee has said the probe should be limited to "current credible allegations" against Kavanaugh and be finished by next Friday.

"I'd say I've been through hell and then some", Kavanaugh replied.

Kavanaugh said he did not question that Ford was assaulted, but said, "I have never done this to her or to anyone".

The senator added, "I find it offensive that if somebody defends themselves against wholesale character assassination trying to destroy him and his family, that - the temperament I saw was a man who was innocent, who was rightly offended by being destroyed for a political objective".

Although Senate Judiciary Committee aides offered several options to Dr. Ford, allowing her to testify under oath near her horme in California or in private, Dr. Ford seemed at a loss when asked why she chose to testify in D.C., in front of cameras. They want to run out the clock until the midterm elections, when they hope to retake the Senate and block Trump from putting anyone on the Supreme Court.

Fury was a tool to be marshaled by men like Judge Kavanaugh and Senator Graham, in defense of their own claims to political, legal, public power.

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