Have 19 hours? World’s longest commercial flight takes off

Economy class seats on the the new Singapore Airlines A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft

SUPPLIEDEconomy class seats on the the new Singapore Airlines A350-900 Ultra Long Range aircraft

Singapore Airlines launched the world's longest commercial flight to NY on October 11 night with its Airbus A350-900 ULR taking off from the Changi International Airport. That means more space, with 67 flat-bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration for business class and 94 premium economy places in a mostly 2-4-2 arrangement at the rear.

Aviation enthusiasts, clad in T-shirts made to commemorate Singapore Airlines' launch of the world's longest non-stop commercial service, at yesterday's pre-flight reception in the gatehold room.

The airline has said that the four pilots - two captains and two first officers - need to have at least 8 hours of rest.

Passenger Peggy Ang, 52, said before the flight that she felt "apprehensive because I'm not sure what would I do in 18.5 hours" inside the plane. Check out how we built the world's longest range airliner!

Since passengers will be cooped up in the flight for close to 19 hours, the airline will serve a "Wellness Set Menu", offering diverse food options.

The flight from the city-state to Newark Airport can take up to 18 hours and 45 minutes under normal weather conditions, but the pilots will have something in reserve in an aircraft capable of flying more than 20 hours non-stop.

The cabins in the plane have higher than the normal ceilings, larger windows than the normal and lighting created to reduce jet lag.

The marathon flight will use the fuel efficient Airbus A350-900ULR.

"My cousin said 'hey, this is in the press.' I'm going to take pictures and show her", she said. The Singapore to NY leg, which takes off on Oct 11, is expected to take 17 hours and 50 minutes, and the return trip is 18 hours and 30 minutes.

As with other Singapore Air long-haul routes, you can eat local favourites such as chicken rice and beef hor fun, or 'Book the Cook, ' a service that allows you to order dishes like lobster thermidor or rib-eye steak up to 24 hours before the flight.

Singaporean airlines is hoping that the introduction of more fuel-efficient planes will become a permanent thing as fuel prices continue to soar.

"It will help us boost our network competitiveness and further grow the Singapore hub". However, this flight will carry a maximum of 161 passengers.

The in-flight meals, which are in partnership with spa resort company Canyon Ranch, aim to promote "nutrition and hydration", with the claim that the menu is formulated from "science-based recommendations and strategies to deliver an even more comfortable journey for our customers".

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