First photos of Melania Trump's arrival in Ghana

Melania Trump arrives in Ghana on solo African trip

US First Lady Melania Trump arrives in Ghana on solo African trip

By focusing primarily on childhood health and education, Mrs Trump's five-day swing through four African states, her first significant solo trip overseas as First Lady, is meant to cast American diplomacy in a gentler light.

The stop is Mrs Trump's first on a four-country tour that will include visits to Kenya, Malawi and Egypt.

It's also her first visit to Africa.

Her immediate predecessor Michelle Obama also made a solo trip to the continent when her husband was president, visiting South Africa and Botswana.

But unlike her predecessors, her visit will be followed closely to see if she can build bridges after the president reportedly dismissed Africa as a collection of "shithole countries".

For some unusual unfathomable reason, First Lady Melania Trump looks a lot happier when she is away from the POTUS than when she's with him.

She is expected to emphasize the health and education of children as part of her "Be Best" platform that she launched in May.

The first lady also had a private tea with her Ghanaian counterpart, Rebecca Akufo-Addo.

Locals who spoke with reporters in Accra said they did not know much about Trump's visit.

The first lady on Friday tweeted: "Looking forward to spreading the message of #BeBest & representing the #USA as I travel to #Africa next week", and hashtagged the four countries.

"Congratulations", the first lady said as she handed a blanket and teddy bear to a mother breastfeeding her child.

First up on the trip for Trump is Ghana.

Trump's whistlestop arrival included a brief meeting with officials at the U.S. Embassy, before retiring for the day, according to a pool report.

"So looking forward to visiting Ghana, Malawi, Kenya & Egypt as I take BeBest worldwide", Trump posted to Facebook Tuesday.

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