Alec Baldwin returns as President Trump on 'SNL'

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Baldwin as Trump welcomed West to the office, thanking him for giving him a pair of his sneakers ("They're flawless for me because they're white, they're wide and they're never going to be worth as much as you say they are", Baldwin's Trump said) and allowing him to make "one or two brief, lucid remarks".

There were some aspects of West that made Trump feel "better", though, specifically the fact that he uses six zeroes as his phone passcode, while Baldwin's Trump said he uses "80085 - boobs". She commends Yeezy for being the first Black celebrity to seemingly befriend President Donald Trump.

Returning show vet and Late Night with Seth Meyers host Seth Meyers devoted a healthy chunk of his opening monologue to the same subject, declaring that he isn't surprised to see Kanye West rendering people drop-jawed because he witnessed the lead-up to his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech two years before. "I am not because I have met Kanye and I am incapable of being surprised by him", he explained.

"And even a guy like me that's just writing jokes, I have to listen more than I've ever had to listen cause the gripes is coming so fast and furious, and I'm not dismissive of people's gripes-might sound like it on stage, but I listen, and as a president of a country that's as eclectic as ours, you look around your crowd and you see it's like a patchwork of people".

The comedian called the rapper "my brother" but said he "shouldn't say all that sh*t" backing the President - and that was before Kanye's latest rant-filled visit to the White House.

"I will understand if it doesn't happen but at least I did not shy away from what I am sure all African artists would want me inclusive. Kid Rock was there and no one cared", Meyers later added. You know how hard it is to make Kid Rock seem like an adult in a room?

Chappelle, most notably known for his comedy series "Chappelle's Show", referred to West as a "genius" during Saturday's interview and said he isn't "mad" at the rapper for meeting with the president.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday at 11:35 ET/8:35 PT on NBC.

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