Trump dismisses 'drunk' Kavanaugh accuser as initial Senate vote scheduled

Ford’s lawyer expresses concern over hiring of ‘sex crimes prosecutor’ for Thursday’s Senate committee hearing

Trump's Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh rejects 'false accusations'

Lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford say they have submitted sworn affidavits to the Senate Judiciary Committee from four people who say she told them that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had assaulted her in high school.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh out with a statement in response to an allegation that Kavanaugh was present at a gang rape in high school, writing, "This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I believe I was drugged using Quaaludes or something similar placed in what I was drinking". He also faces a second accusation of sexual assault from Deborah Ramirez, who claims Kavanaugh exposed himself and pushed his genitals into her face at a drunken party during the 1983-84 academic year at Yale University. Kavanaugh denied he was "at any such party".

Significantly, along with chores and activities with friends, such as movies and beach hangouts, Kavanaugh's calendar lists five parties he attended. Ford says she eventually escaped.

"This is not a criminal trial for which the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate", the letter from Ford's lawyer, Michael Bromwich, said. She said Thursday's hearing was not about Kavanaugh's behaviour as a youth.

The New Yorker reported Sunday that in Ramirez's initial conversations with the publication, "she was reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh's role in the alleged incident with certainty". "If he will not, at the very least, the hearing and vote should be postponed while the FBI investigates all of these allegations".

The committee's minority Democrats, led by California Sen.

Neighbor Rebecca White said she was walking her dog in 2017 when she ran into Ford, who said she had seen White's social media post describing her own experience with sexual assault.

Democrats appeared to be unified in their opposition to Kavanaugh while Republicans maintain a narrow 51-49 majority. "I am with him all the way", Trump said, calling the allegations politically motivated. They know what they're doing.

After Trump lashed out at Ford on Friday, Sen.

Kavanaugh, the president said, is "startled" by the claims, and his wife is "devastated".

Trump has said he wants to hear from Ford but also stood behind his nominee.

"Grassley has stated that they are trying to depoliticize this; they are trying to get to the truth", he said. She told a therapist.

"I was walking my dog and Christine was outside of her house", White said. "I'm confident we're going to win", McConnell told reporters Tuesday afternoon. "She admits that she was drunk". Fox News' Martha MacCallum asked.

It is not necessary for Kavanaugh to secure a majority vote by the committee in order for the full Senate to vote on his confirmation. Dianne Feinstein, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked for an immediate postponement of proceedings related to Kavanaugh's nomination. In 2012 during a couples therapy session, he says, she revealed that in high school she had been "trapped in a room and physically restrained by one boy who was molesting her while another boy watched".

However Senate Republicans choreograph the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday at which Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are set to testify, 11 mute Republican men, too nervous to interrogate a sympathetic witness, will be hiding behind (or alongside) a woman hired for the objective of making the men look less like bullies. Kavanaugh again denied the allegations.

In a statement, the judge said he did not know the accuser, Julie Swetnick, and her allegations "never happened".

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer has called for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his candidacy in light of the allegations against him.

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