Google marks 20th anniversary with glimpse of what's ahead

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Google's testing has found that personalisation generally doesn't help improve the quality of search results unless the query is rather ambiguous. But, did you ever wonder, why this widely read, most searched and a highly recommended tool called "Google"?

The revamp uses artificial intelligence to help customers find goods on the Web, relying more on images rather than text.

New feature Discover ("Discover") will provide recommendations to the user based on his interests. You can grab anything that appears in your Activity Card and add it to a Collection.

'Retracing your steps online can be really hard, ' Fox explained.

New cards let you pick up right where you left off during a search, visit related queries, and see relevant activity cards from past searches.

After completely rebranding Google Feed, it's Google Images' turn to get a makeover. Nearly every Internet user relies on it every day. This dual or multi-language support is now limited to just Spanish and English and only in the USA market, but should be expanding to other languages and locations soon.

Earlier this year, the firm announced it would showing more AMP stories in Google search results. These range from organizing your search results better, to introducing an Instagram Stories-style presentation for select content.

For now, the Stories will mostly be limited to notable people 'like celebrities and athletes'.

The algorithm for Google Images has been overhauled, as well, with a greater emphasis on web page authority and the freshness of content, according to the blog post.

Featured Videos: Google will now show you selected videos related to the topic you've searched for, as well as related sub-topics.

He described the latest changes as shifting from answers to journeys, providing ways to target queries without knowing what words to use and enhancing image-based searches.

As part of the three fundamental shifts Gomes describes, Google is launching major updates to its search experience, including a new name, a fresh look, and a brand new set of features.

'... Fast forward to today, and now we index hundreds of billions of pages in our index - more information than all the libraries in the world could hold. "We then look at patterns to understand how these subtopics relate to each other, so we can more intelligently surface the type of content you might want to explore next".

There have been concerns that parent company Alphabet is more interested in making money from people's data than in safeguarding their privacy.

"But, you have our commitment that we will make it better every day". "That's why the work here is never done", it says.

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