Christie denies accounts in Woodward's Trump book

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The veteran journalist Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", describes a conversation between Trump and Gary Cohn, the former director of the National Economic Council. Many senior aides have also scrambled to deny they made the comments, claiming they weren't quoted accurately by the investigative reporter. "It felt like we were walking along the edge of the cliff perpetually". The pair fought over Trump's desire to place tariffs on imports, and Cohn is said to have stolen documents off Trump's desk to prevent the president from pulling the USA out of major trade deals. "I wish the people could see the real facts - and our country is doing GREAT!", Trump tweeted on September 7. Woodward is a Dem operative?

"Other times, we would fall over the edge, and an action would be taken".

"Well, you shouldn't be talking about that right now because it doesn't matter".

Woodward, asked on Monday on NBC's "Today" show about their denials, said, "They are not telling the truth".

Having now read Bob Woodward's Fear, I am struck by the selective and often misleading portrait it paints of the President and his administration.

"Fulfilling this responsibility does not make someone part of a "resistance" or mean they are seeking to "thwart" the president's agenda".

The Vanity Fair excerpt says that Cohn felt Donald Trump didn't understand how federal debt works.

During a conference call, Quarles said that Mueller's team had subpoenas issued to Deutsche Bank "way back in the summertime, but it doesn't involve the president or his finances". "I don't even know why any of us are here".

Pressed on whether Trump can win a credibility battle with the Pulitzer victor who helped expose President Richard Nixon's Watergate-era transgressions, Sanders pointed to "actual, on record" accounts from White House staffers, again pointing to Mattis and Kelly, "not disgruntled former employees". Trump alleged that the quotes were made up and accused the author for using tricks to demean him. He denied the allegations.

Anonymous in the White House was damning of Trump: "The root of the problem is the president's amorality". "He's like a little rat. Which one would you do for the same pay?"

But on Monday, the White House reasserted its interest in studying whether any laws were broken by the explosive op-ed's author. He held court weekly with top officials trying to accomplish plans that sometimes came from Trump's moods.

The host then pointed out that Wolff's and Woodward's books are entirely different and need to responded in a different manner because the latter has written more than half a dozen books on the past presidencies.

The president was insistent, though, and ordered Porter to draft language to exit the compact. Cohn said he supported the Fed's move to raise rates.

"I can stop this", Cohn said to Porter, according to the book. Deutsche Bank ended up settling with the government on the mortgage front for $7.2 billion just days before Trump took office last January.

Trump officials have rushed to distance themselves from the op-ed and from Woodward's book, both of which depict a White House mired in dysfunction, with aides disparaging the Republican president and working to prevent him from making disastrous decisions. "Because we go up and every time you go up they want to raise rates again". "It's unfair. Now everybody's saying I'm going to be impeached".

Well, Porter said, they're virtually unlimited.

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