Chiefs’ Justin Houston Insists Jimmy Garoppolo’s Knee Injury Was His Own Fault

Jimmy Garoppolo Injured

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Head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters after the game the team fears Garoppolo tore his ACL.

Back in Week 1 of 2008, the Patriots lost Brady for the season in the first quarter after he took a low hit from Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard.

49ers at KC

Garoppolo immediately grabbed his left knee after hitting the ground and stayed down for an extended period. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback had to be carted off of the field and it looked to be pretty serious. But the 49ers were called for offensive pass interference, ultimately giving the ball back to the Chiefs to run the rest of the clock. His perspective? If Jimmy G would have gone out of bounds, he probably wouldn't have gotten hurt. The Niners are fearing the worst about Jimmy G's knee, and Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston can only blame one man for the terrible development. "It's only an inch".

Garoppolo tried to extend the play and get more yardage on a long third-and-goal by initiating contact with Nelson rather than going out of bounds.

That's when the San Francisco quarterback headed for the sideline, made a decision to stay in play rather step out of bounds, and ultimately put the rest of the 49ers' season in question. "You need to be smart".

While Houston's apathy is noting, he isn't far from the truth. A quarterback as agile and athletic as Garoppolo is a blessing, but as Sunday came and went, it's a curse, too.

The counter-argument is that Garoppolo is a competitor trying to make a play to help his team win. Garoppolo, who signed a five-year $137.5 million extension in February, expects his season is over, according to teammate C.J. Beathard. If anything, Jimmy G. probably will learn one thing from this entire ordeal: it's better to be safe than sorry.

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