Captain Marvel trailer breakdown

The ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Is Here ‘Cos *Somebody* Has To Save The Planet

The trailer for 'Captain Marvel' will likely drop this week

I also liked how they included a number of Captain Marvel looks.

The Oscar victor joined "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to help reveal the exclusive first look at the highly-anticipated movie trailer.

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of Jude Law's character, who is the commander of Carol Danvers' Kree special forces unit. "Never occured to me that one might come from above". It appears that she has some kind of memory lapse, because Danvers reveals to Nick Fury that she remembers a life on Earth, but can't fully piece it together.

Captain Marvel is considered one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe, and fans are hoping the film will answer some lingering questions from "Avengers: Infinity War". "Then there's this human part of her that is flawed but is also the thing that she ends up leading by".

"Marvel have played it so well over the past ten years, I think people are ready for different heroes", says Claire, who's excited by the casting of Lashana Lynch as fighter pilot Maria Rambeau, mother of another female Avenger.

"War is a universal language", a voice says in the background as Larson swaggers through a subway station with a confused and alarmed look on her face.

Since the film takes place in the past, we see a much younger version of Jackson's Nick Fury, this time without his iconic eyepatch.

Check back in on Tuesday and see if we're right.

Captain Marvel's first photos hit the internet a week ago and the fans were busy dissecting the pictures and finding hidden clues about Avengers 4.

Along with the debut trailer, Marvel Studios also released the very first Captain Marvel poster this morning.

With Captain Marvel's psychological workings sound like a great way to show her background in a non conventional way. "We can't do this alone", he narrates, "we need you". Captain Marvel is slated to premiere in March 2019.

The brand new trailer released on Monday evening, a ideal remedy to conclude the first day of the week if you ask the little nerd in me (she knows the pain that went into covering Emmys at Indian Standard Time).

And even better, we've got a healthy amount of young Nick Fury in this trailer.

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