Apple shares rise ahead of annual product launch

Joss Rosignol MacRumors

Joss Rosignol MacRumors

The rumors indicate there will be at least two versions: the iPhone XS, which will be 6.1 inches and will be the more affordable model, and the iPhone XS Max, which will be a whopping 6.5 inches (the biggest iPhone yet). The report mentioned that device will weigh heavier than the iPhone 8 Plus due to the stainless steel band expected on iPhone Xs Max.

Spotted by ATH (with extra context added by The Verge) the names were seen in an XML file of Apple's product sitemap from the official Apple website.

By making more expensive iPhones, Apple has been able to boost its profits despite waning demand as people upgrade phones less frequently. The new iPhones are rumoured to be available for pre-order starting 14th September 2018.

It is clearly the Apple season, as the USA technology giant will announce its new products on Wednesday.

Apple is set to host its 'Gather Round' iPhone Xs launch event later today. Other platforms may also work on recent versions of Chrome or Firefox with MSE, H.264, and AAC, Apple says.

Apple's market capitalization has passed $1 trillion and the company needs to sustain revenue growth from its signature product even as global demand for smart phones plateaus.

Design leaks of Apple Watch Series 4 show a new hole between the crown and side button. The site managed to take the screenshot of the iPhone Xs pricing which they claim to have taken from Apple's website. We'd know for sure once the devices are launched.

The image leak, which leaves nothing to the imagination, comes only a day after another image leak reportedly showed off the new iPhone Xs from the rear, as well as when a renowned Apple insider betrayed nearly every product set to be announced at the September 12 Apple event. This combined with the fact that the company acquired Akonia Holographics just 2 weeks back for their AR Tech might suggest that Apple is planning to launch AR tech.

"The big thing is going to be how they fit such a massive screen into such a small device". The images also reveal the new space wallpaper that was earlier shared by 9to5Mac.

Along with new phones, Apple fans could also get a glimpse of a new Apple Watch and a refreshed iPad Pro.

As for the 8 replacement, the iPhone 9 is an obvious choice, but this week we saw the Xc and Xr emerge as possibiltiies in a couple of alleged leaks.

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