Amazon Alexa completes its tie-up with Microsoft Cortana

Alexa Skype Video calling

Amazon shows off microwave, clock, smart plug-in linked by their cloud-based voice service Alexa

Amazon has released more Echo devices, including Echo Auto, providing the convenience of Alexa on the road and giving drivers of many vehicles another choice for voice-activated functions. While Echo home devices are microphone-equipped speakers, the Amazon Echo Show and Spot also include a display.

And plenty more besides.

Amazon has unveiled the new generation of even more "smart" Echo speakers, as well as a range of new "intelligence" devices, including a microwave oven, in an effort to keep the lead in this area with regard to Apple and Google rivals.

Amazon is also introducing the Echo Sub, a £120 compact wireless bass speaker, which can be used with other Alexa audio devices to create a 1.1 or 1.2 audio solution. The company had originally planned to launch it during the F8 developer conference in May this year but, due to the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal, executives made a decision to shelve the announcement at the last minute.

According to Cheddar, Portal will now come with a privacy shutter for the camera, in response to increasing suspicion towards Facebook's privacy.

That's right, Facebook's "video chat" gadget is still very much on the table, reportedly preparing for a formal introduction sometime next week.

A new study commissioned by the Home Depot has found that having a kid will influence your smart home purchase decisions.

Facebook said it didn't comment on "rumours or speculation" when asked about Portal.

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is set to take the wraps off of its video chat device.

The presentation began with David Limp, VP of Alexa at Amazon, announcing a sequel to the Amazon Echo Dot that will ship for the same price - $49.99 (£49.99 / AU$79). That means you can cook food with the power of your voice, just like they do on Star Trek.

The £80 device can play music, turns on your lights and even tell you a joke just by speaking to it.

Alexa can now do more with your smart doorbell.

When you're about to head out, say something along the lines of "Alexa, I'm leaving", and the virtual assistant will enable the Alexa Guard system. So, you can start playing an album at home, continue on the way to office and then carry on in office. You'll need a PC running Windows 10 to make this integration work.

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