Twitch Prime will no longer be ad

If you sign up to Amazon Prime you can enjoy a number of benefits

If you sign up to Amazon Prime you can enjoy a number of benefits

Amazon's live-streaming video service Twitch is looking to enhance its advertising business, and is making a significant change to its business model to do so. "This change will strengthen and expand that advertising opportunity for creators so they can get more support from their viewers for doing what they love". Those with already existing monthly subscriptions will have ad-free viewing until October 15, and if viewers have an annual subscription prior to September 14, they'll have ad-free viewing until their renewal date. While Amazon Prime is clearly still going strong, this change on the gaming side of the service seems to be a move to push the pricier Twitch Turbo subscription for those who are truly series about their viewing. That's $20 a month if viewers want everything Twitch has to offer if they're not willing to splurge on Amazon Prime ($10.99 for Prime and $8.99 for Turbo).

The discount program, which launched back in January 2016, gave Prime members a 20 percent discount on all video games ($12 on a $60 game) during pre-order periods and within the first two weeks after release. This promotion has been changed a few times, such as excluding collector's editions and physical items like amiibo, but the 20% discount on pre-orders stood for awhile. However, if you pre-order (ed) games before August 28, the discount will still apply to them. You can activate your Twitch Prime subscription after getting on Amazon Prime - you can go for a free Amazon Prime trial here.

Twitch Prime members, meanwhile, will still be able to receive independent games and access special emotes. The channel must also have ad-free viewing for its subscribers turned on in the channel settings. But, it also allows Twitch to gain more advertisers by guaranteeing that their ads will be seen by a larger audience.

From what Twitch has said, any new members who sign up after September 14th will be subject to advertisements. "I'm considering ditching Prime altogether", one Reddit user wrote on the Twitch subreddit.

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