Trump economic adviser: White House "looking at" whether to regulate Google searches

Trump attacks Google, claims it prioritizes 'fake news' in searches

Donald Trump: Google’s news service is rigged against me

President Donald Trump lashed out at Google and other internet firms in an early morning pair of tweets, calling them "rigged" in the way that they rank news about his presidency.

He wrote: "In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that nearly all stories & news is BAD". Fox News regularly showed up in results and stories reporting on Trump's claims were also highlighted. And we will continue to call them out every step of the way.

Some Republican U.S. lawmakers have also raised concerns about social media companies removing content from some conservatives, and have called Twitter's chief executive to testify before a U.S. House of Representatives committee on September 5. Google search ranks news by freshness, relevance, traffic, quality, and credibility.

Google moved swiftly to push back on the president's tweets.

Shepard Smith of Fox News was bewildered and stunned by the comments made by President Donald Trump Tuesday about the leftward bias in Google, the behemoth online searching service. The author, Paula Boylard, reportedly Googled the term "multiple times using different computers" and then recorded the perceived bias of the outlets of the first 100 results. Trump wrote in his tweets.

In his tweets, President Trump claimed that 96% of the news articles presented by Google in response to the phrase "Trump news" were from left-wing news outlets.

In order to assess how fairly search engine results portray political candidates and controversial issues, we collected over 1,200 URLs ranking highly in for politically-charged keywords such as "gun control", "abortion", "TPP", and "Black Lives Matter". The majority of the articles shown were from CNN, Washington Post, and The New York Times, all liberal sites. She also noted that PJ Media's Google traffic decreased after a May 2017 Google algorithm change, and has not recovered.

Kudlow replied: "We'll let you know".

Neither he nor the White House detailed how they would probe Google or what legal justification they would use.

Trump's rant concluded with: "This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!" It's not a stretch to say that merely stating the Trump administration's actions is enough to make it look bad. "We're taking a look at it".

Google is the latest target in Mr. Trump's complaints that some portions of the news media and social media are biased against conservatives. The secretive nature of the algorithms has exposed the company to accusation of bias.

Trump's comments marked a major escalation in allegations of anti-conservative censorship against Google, Facebook and Twitter, which some in the tech industry worry could undermine the public's trust in the web as a marketplace of ideas.

Kudlow's suggestion that the White House would work towards regulating Google's search results to offer a more positive view of a president whose approval rating has never been recorded as higher than 45 percent, according to Gallup, was condemned by journalists and political observers on social media.

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