Perseid meteor shower to lit up Qatar sky Saturday

This Weekend Is The Perseid Meteor Show - Viewing Conditions Will Be Perfect

Yahoo News explains: Where can you see the Perseid meteor shower?

The combination of a slim crescent moon and clear skies will likely make for prime viewing of the Perseid meteor shower this weekend. And the weather forecast looks good, with a partly cloudy sky expected. Around 10 p.m., the meteors' visibility should begin to increase.

The best time to catch the shower is around 10pm, but really any time when the sky is dark enough will do the trick. This means it will set before the Perseid show gets into full effect.

Meteoroids start off as comets, which are chunks of ice that contain rock and dust.

"Each swing through the inner solar system can leave trillions of small particles in its wake", according to information from NASA's website.

"There's a lot of things that are helping to make this a really good shower", said Shannon Schmoll, the director of the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University. They will appear to be coming from the constellation Perseus.

This weekend the night sky will light up with the debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet.

Here are 5 facts to know about the Perseid meteor 2018. When the debris hits the Earth's atmosphere, it's heated up and produces the light we see as a "shooting star".

As long as it's a clear night, the meteors will be visible to the naked eye.

If you're looking for a place to watch, you're in luck.

Meteors can be seen nearly anytime between July 17 and August 24 this year, but the shower's peak only lasts a few days: August 11-13.

The number of meteors will peak in the early hours of 13 August, when up to around seventy each hour should be visible. Between midnight and 5 a.m. on August 11 and 12.

How to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower in India?

Sky gazers and astronomers recommend watching the meteor show during the darkest hour of the night, far away from cities and other sources of light pollution.

Remember: areas without urban light are the best and your eyes may take some time to get used to the darkness before you can see the show.

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