Microsoft Officially Unveils Xbox All Access Monthly Payment Plan

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Microsoft Announces Xbox All Access

This is a financing offer with 0% April, so you're actually paying off the console and online services monthly over the course of two years.

DPA offers certain benefits such as no prepayment penalty, zero upfront cost, and 0% April for 24 months. Sources say that Microsoft especially will emphasize on the attractiveness of Xbox Pass Game in this bundle, since the subscription, all users will receive her newest hits, including Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon and 4 other blockbusters, sold separately, for $60.

Have you ever wanted to buy an Xbox One but just didn't have the money?

The new initiative is effectively a 24-month, zero percent credit agreement that includes a choice of Xbox console, and access to Microsoft's two game-related subscription services, for a fixed monthly fee. That means Xbox All Access offers gamers a way to bypass the high cost of entry when it comes to games consoles - and it'll test whether people are ready for monthly hardware contracts to invade the gaming world. It includes a catalog of 100 games that you can download and play as much as you want on your console.

In 2012, towards the end of the Xbox 360's life span, Microsoft unveiled the "Entertainment for All" plan, which included an Xbox 360 (4GB model) and 24 months of Xbox Live Gold.

Is a Dell Preferred Account required to purchase an Xbox One with Xbox All Access? Offer valid for in-store purchases at participating U.S. Microsoft Retail Stores.

We've reached out to Microsoft for further clarification on how the programme will work and when it will begin.

Now according to the plan, if you opt for an Xbox One X, it will set you back 35 United States dollars per month, however, Xbox One S will set you back a mere 22 USD per month. Those who are interested in Xbox One S package will be paying just $2 per month for 24 months i.e. $48 to own the console, saving you $120 overall.

Xbox One S - $21.99 per month with 0% April for 24 months.

On the face of it, $35 a month for a complete Xbox setup with access to hundreds of games sounds like a good deal.

What is a Dell Preferred account? We recently called Xbox Game Pass "the best value in gaming".

In any case, this is certainly an interesting approach to selling a console, and it does offer some flexibility in terms of how you pay.

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