KSI & Logan Paul Boxing Match: The Battle Of YouTube Vloggers Is Underway

KSI and Logan Paul

Logan Paul Vlogs FIGHT The You Tube pair have exchanged insults since the fight was announced earlier this year

There was no victor.

AsBloomberg reports, the two stars, one known for making misogynistic comments while playing the Federation Internationale de Football Association video game (a challenge, indeed) and the other for making incredibly poor life decisions, will duke it out in a trash-talking grudge match this Saturday, August 25. Unfortunately, the fight ended without a conclusive victor after six rounds, going to judge's decision.

After that result, both YouTube personalities already want to get back into the ring.

The official YouTube stream for the bout hovered around 773,000 viewers, according to The Verge. Saturday's venue was bigger, but there was still a question mark over the match: would people pay good money to watch subpar boxing?

However, The Verge notes that many watched pirated streams of the fight on Twitch or Periscope.

More than 15,000 tickets were sold for the fight, with thousands more watching live on YouTube.

Paul's brother Jake defeated KSI's younger sibling Deji via TKO on the undercard and later called out singer-songwriter Chris Brown. He defeated Deji in five rounds after Deji's team made a decision to throw in the towel.

"Both fighters struggled with the pace of the six-rounder but Logan was able to drop his hands for long spells, safe in the knowledge KSI posed no threat", the report noted.

In the match against KSI and Paul, thousands of people paid £7.50 each to watch the match n YouTube. The two vloggers who have 40 million subscribers between have resorted to settling their differences in square circle among a crowded lineup of "celebrity" boxers.

If you want to watch the fight tonight go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXzQl-Mv6-Q (and below) and buy the event for 10 dollars in the USA or 7.50 British pounds in the UK.

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