Rebecca Romijn joins Season 2 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’


First Stills From Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Released

Discovery's new showrunner Alex Kurtzman also revealed that ahead of the new season, CBS All Access will release four 10 to 15-minute stand-alone episodes titled Star Trek: Short Treks. Rainn Wilson will return to play Harry Mudd in a short he will also direct, and Aldis Hodge will star in another as Craft, "a man who finds himself the only human on board a deserted ship".

Doug Jones, who appears in Discovery as Saru, will receive a backstory episode in the mini-series, explaining how he became the first of his race to join Starfleet. It was created by the late Gene Roddenberry and featured characters including Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, and Vulcan officer Mr. Spock, played by the late Leonard Nimoy.

UPDATED with trailer: The Star Trek universe is expanding.

CBS will supplement viewers' enjoyment of Star Trek: Discovery with a four-part miniseries of short format episodes called Star Trek: Short Treks this fall.

With just six episodes to start in 2017, the season one premiere was met with such fanfare that a second season was announced less than a month later, which viewers can expect in early 2019. Spock casting news should be made available soon. Tonally now, we've gotten to a place where the crew has more-even though the stakes are still high-there's more downtime in the moments, which allows for more humor, which allows for a slower onion layer pulling open of character and the details of their own relationships.

Romijn will play the original character from the unaired pilot alongside Mount's Pike. But based on the new trailer, it turns out I was not far off the mark! "I'll be back. We're not telling you how".

That makes sense since we now know Captain Christopher Pike will be pairing up with our Discovery crew after their recent time-hop.

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