Pakistan's Imran Khan says India and Pakistan should talk on Kashmir

Elections 2018       by Muhammad Irfan | Published

Elections 2018 by Muhammad Irfan | Published

Cricket star-turned-politician Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), gives a speech as he declares victory in the general election in Islamabad, Pakistan, in this still image from a July 26, 2018 handout video by PTI.

"Kashmiris have been suffering for long". There is extreme violation of human rights in the Occupied Kashmir.

Khan also said he was open to a sit-down with arch-rival India to discuss ongoing disputes in the divided Himalayan territory of Kashmir which is claimed in full by both nations. We can resolve the poverty crisis in South East Asia.

"We were successful and we were given a mandate", Khan, 65, said during a live broadcast, adding that there was "no politician victimisation" in the acrimonious contest. If you [India] take one step towards us, we will take two more towards you.

It is common practice in the rural areas of Pakistan where female voters are denied their right; however, the turnover of women voters in urban areas remained comparatively satisfactory in the previous elections.

- He said that he is a Pakistani who has traveled through India the most thanks to his cricketing career.

"We want relations with the country based on mutual interest". "But if this blame game continues that Pakistan is creating troubles [in India] and we believe that whatever is happening Balochistan is happening because of India then we are back to square one". PTI has also not ruled out seeking succour from China, Islamabad's closest ally which has in recent years been investing heavily in infrastructure in the country.

"We will strengthen and improve our relations with China". "This whole election could be null and void, and we don't want this".

About the neighboring Afghanistan, he said Pakistan wants peace in the war-ravaged country. He said he had joined politics because he wanted to make Pakistan a nation "as envisioned by Jinnah".

The comments came as political parties in Pakistan, including the incumbent Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, too raised allegations that the election was manipulated and rigged in PTI chief Khan's favour. He said his party's focus will be on justice, equality and opportunities.

On ties with the USA, he said Pakistan wants a balanced relation with America which should be mutually beneficial, not one-sided.

The size of Khan's lead against the PML-N, when many analysts had predicted a coalition would be likely, was also increasing concern over the process, analysts said. "But I have forgotten it all and it is behind me".

In a speech peppered with populist pledges, Khan promised to create jobs for the poor and said he would turn the palatial prime minister's official residence in the capital into an education facility instead of living in it. "This is about the country", he said.

The Election Commission of Pakistan dismissed allegations of manipulation, blaming the delay on glitches in new, untested counting software.

Although PTI workers and supporters started celebrations before the final results, no statement - or even a tweet - has been issued by the former cricketer himself on the results.

A majority of 137 seats is needed to form a government.

"The complaints we have been receiving, they could be of procedural level, but not any kind of rigging", Yaqoob said.

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