Massive Australia-Philippines basketbrawl leads to 13 ejections, forces cancellation

The Philippine Arena court. Mark Demayo ABS-CBN News

The Philippine Arena court. Mark Demayo ABS-CBN News

The agent of the Australian Boomers player who took over 20 punches to the head at the bottom of a pile in the Monday night brawl during a World Cup qualifier is calling for severe penalties to be imposed on the Philippines basketball federation.

Australian players Maker, Christopher Goulding, Nathan Sobey, and Daniel Kickert, and nine players from the Philippine team - Terrence Romeo, Jayson Castro, Carl Bryan Cruz, Calvin Abueva, Blatche, Pogoy, Troy Rosario, Japeth Aguilar and Matthew Wright were disqualified.

For the most part, Australia, which features National Basketball Association players Thon Maker and Matthew Dellavedova, did a good job staying on its bench, as seen in the first video.

The incident started when a player for the Philippines decked an Australian with almost four minutes left in the third quarter. Eventually, the team's remaining players fouled out and ended the game by default. You've also got a fan throwing a chair at one of our players.

There is no timeframe to the investigation being conducted by FIBA and Basketball Australia but those players and officials involved are facing serious sanctions. The benches from both teams emptied onto the floor and Milwaukee Bucs player Thon Maker was caught in the middle.

Moore said the Boomers would take a black eye around the world as video spreads.

The Philippines were left with only three eligible players but the match continued until two of their players deliberately fouled out to end the contest.

Thon Maker has released a statement taking responsibility for his role in the brawl and expressing his deep disappointment in the entire fiasco. Both players were ejected along with 11 other players.

A group of Philippines players posed on court for a selfie photo while they waited for the decision. We will continue the game.

The chief executive of Basketball Australia, Anthony Moore, faced the media on Tuesday to express his regret at Australia's involvement in the "unacceptable" incident that has prompted questions over security for travelling teams.

There's been no word yet on any further disciplinary action from FIBA, but there's a possibility that punishment such as sanctions and/or fines could be coming down.

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