[Leonid Bershidsky] Iran faces consequences of snubbing Trump

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'Trump embarrassing himself with anti-Iran tweets'

Iran has faced increased USA pressure and looming sanctions following Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from a 2015 worldwide deal over Iran's nuclear program.

Speaking to reporters on Monday about the president's all-caps threat, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump's language has been "pretty strong" toward Iran all along.

Later that day, Iran President Hassan Rouhani threatened the United States, saying "war with Iran is the mother of all wars".

"This is a moment in history".

On Sunday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani threatened the U.S. over the "mother of all wars" if the United States stuck to their policy of cutting off Iran's oil exports by November.

On May 8, President Trump withdrew the United States from the accord struck under his predecessor Barack Obama and pledged "the highest level of economic sanction" against Iran, calling it "the leading state sponsor of terror". But the Iranians make Trump madder than North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does - not because they are more risky, but because they refuse to play along with him. He's trying to show Iranians that the Trump administration backs those opposing the Iranian leadership.

The Republican leader's response was reminiscent of the belligerent tone he took with North Korea previous year. We've been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, incl our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries. "This will take you nowhere", he said. Before the nuclear deal, the United States was punishing Iran with the help of allies and even some adversaries.

The IRNA news agency, a government mouthpiece, also said on Monday that Trump's Twitter missive was only mimicking and copying Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who had in the past warned the West to "never threaten an Iranian".

Meanwhile, Netanyahu continues to appeal to both the United States and Russian Federation for the removal of Iranian forces from Syria, particularly near Israel's northern border.

"America wants nothing less than [to] destroy Iran" but "Trump can not do a damn thing against Iran", the commander added.

The analyst added that "neither Iran, nor any other country is interested in escalating tensions in the region".

"There is no need for us to respond to any nonsensical comment and answer back to them", he said.

"Sadly, after pulling us out of the nuclear deal with Europe and Iran, there doesn't seem to be strategy for how to move forward to fight Iran's activities", she said.

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