French World Cup victors to get Legion of Honour

Macron cheers from the stands, then ‘dabs’ in the changing room

Amazon, TF1 Go Behind the Scenes With French World Cup Team (EXCLUSIVE)

France was named kings of world soccer on Sunday after defeating Croatia 4-2 in the 2018 World Cup final at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium.

The host responded to the ambassador's outrage with some understanding of the racial (and colonial) politics of France, but then explained "context is everything".

Hundreds of thousands of ecstatic French fans celebrated the return of their World Cup winning football team on Monday, jumping and chanting "We Are The Champions" as their bus paraded down the Champs Elysees before a special presidential reception.

Macron cheers from the stands, then ‘dabs’ in the changing room

France beat Croatia 4-2 in Sunday's final in Moscow, but with a team featuring number players of African heritage.

The players arrived to a raucous welcome at Charles De Gaulle airport northeast of Paris, including a "water salute" by the fire brigade which sprayed arcs of water over the Air France jet as it taxied to the gate. "I'm saying, 'I see you, my French brother of African descent'".

Some called on France to recognize the victory as a much-needed wake-up call for the country to adopt policies upholding the rights and dignity of migrants and Muslims.

France is the country which is often in the spotlight for its Islamophobic social policies won the ultimate footballing prize with a team that is one-third Muslim.

French ambassador Gérard Araud criticised comedian Trevor Noah for his World Cup comment.

"When I say they're African, I'm not saying it as a way to exclude them from their Frenchness", Noah wrote in a tweet.

"This is what I find weird in these arguments is people go, they're not African, they're French. And if French people are saying that they can not be both, then I think they have a problem, and not me". "America's not a flawless place, but what I love about this country is that people can still celebrate their identity in their Americanness". "This is so racist to think that because they are black they are not French".

"They fight hard to tell people they are proud French people and yet you disrespect them calling them African".

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