Donald Trump may have gifted 'Rocket Man' CD to Kim Jong


Koreas begin basketball friendlies in latest peace gesture

"We are committed to a denuclearized north Korea and Secretary Pompeo looks forward to continuing his consultations with North Korean leaders to follow up on the commitments made at the Singapore summit".

But following talks on Sunday between USA envoy Sung Kim and North Korean counterparts, this "CVID" language appears to have disappeared from the State Department lexicon. But THAAD has also angered Pyongyang and its main backer, China, and made Soseong-ri nervous it would be a potential target if hostilities between the old enemies resume. If the nuclear talks bog down, it could mean curtains for inter-Korean detente.

A day after the summit, Trump declared, "Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office". "These gestures alone don't ensure progress in denuclearizing the North and stabilizing peace".

Asked Thursday if North Korea was hiding nuclear facilities the president said: "We'll see".

Their militaries are in the process of restoring communication lines that could defuse crises across their tense border.

Up until recently it had maintained North Korea needs to achieve complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization (CVID).

President Donald Trump used to taunt North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as "Little Rocket Man" for his frequent missile tests. That statement, however, alarmed some North Korea experts.

At the world team championships in May, North and South Korea were due to face each other in the women's quarter-finals - but they were given permission to form a joint team instead, losing to Japan in the semi-finals.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has met North Korean officials in Pyongyang, hoping to "fill in" details on how to dismantle the North's nuclear programme and recover the remains of US troops missing from the Korean War.

He said that North Korea, "by dangling the possibility of giving up nuclear weapons and calling for a post-summit summit", another meeting with Trump, is managing to drag out negotiations over the details of any denuclearization.

Catapulting forth continued U.S.

North Korea's nuclear and missile facilities are operating normally and the communist nation also appears to be building a new submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles, an opposition lawmaker said Thursday, citing defense ministry information.

"The president has made it hard to walk away from the talks even in the North is just stalling and prevaricating again", said another USA official familiar with the talks, pointing to Trump's tweets that North Korea no longer poses nuclear threats.

Moon, the son of North Korean war refugees, has vowed to build on the legacies of former Presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun.

Following talks in Pyongyang, Pompeo will go to Tokyo on Sunday to brief Japanese and South Korean allies on the outcome of the meetings.

According to Kim, South Korean and USA military authorities believe that various facilities at the North's Yongbyon nuclear complex north of Pyongyang are operating normally.

Moon is also a liberal, but unlike his predecessors, he isn't likely to continue engagement if it widens a rift with Washington, Choi said.

South and North Korean basketball players took to the court Wednesday in Pyongyang for their first friendly game in 15 years, surrounded by thousands of North Koreans chanting "peace" and "prosperity".

"Moon is different from Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun", Choi said.

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