Apple Music may have just unseated Spotify in the US

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And the more credible Financial Times reports that the Apple Music subscriber base, at 21 to 21.5 million, is still slightly behind Spotify's, at 22 to 22.5 million.

According to an exclusive report by Digital Music News, Apple Music now has more US paying subscribers than Spotify, citing a USA -based major distributor.

According to Digital Music News, Spotify was just surpassed in terms of USA subscribers.

While this is far from official - with the report being based on an anonymous source - it is in keeping with the general feeling from earlier in the year when it was thought that Apple Music probably was going to overtake Spotify in the near future.

The new information is right in line with the Wall Street Journal's previous predictions. Many believed that it was just a matter of time before Apple Music grabs the top spot in the music streaming service. Spotify's numbers didn't come close to matching that of Apple Music - 130 million streams compared to 170 million in that critical first day of Scorpion's release. Apple Music, however, is "a hair ahead", which is not a surprise.

Their Apple Music streaming service, in particular, has skyrocketed over the past few months.

However, this comparison also indicates Apple Music is more popular in the USA than Spotify.

Thanks to Apple Music's rapid growth in the past year, it will continue widening the gap between Spotify and Apple's streaming service. 70 million of these enjoy the paid tier, Spotify Premium, whereas the others use the ad-supported free tier of the service.

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