Amy Hennig Left EA In January To Found A New Indie Studio

Star Wars: Amy Hennig left EA after

Uncharted creator Amy Hennig left EA earlier this year, says her Star Wars project is “on the shelf”

The video game veteran has since confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that she hasn't held a position at EA since January, and has since gone on to work on "all kinds of things" as a result. "I get along with all those people, I consider even the guys on the exec team friends". Knowing what we do about EA, we can safely assume that this broader experience will be something jam-packed to the hilt with micro-transactions, loot boxes, crowbarred-in multiplayer and all manner of useless cosmetic tat.

So it looks as though we can expect to see some exciting stuff in the future from Amy Hennig but as for anything Star Wars related, it seems like that's a bit of a dead end for now.

Hennig also spoke briefly about what became of the Star Wars game she was working on by noting that EA Vancouver is working on something "pretty different".

The reason for Hennig's months of silence about her departure (which she did not clarify as either a resignation or termination) boiled down to waiting for the right time, she told Purchese. "I'm hoping to bring some people on board, I would love to have a little company of about six to eight people, 15 at the most". It makes it sound like I just went home! "I'm working independently and staying independent", Hennig stated. She mentioned that the studio was going for a "more open world" style of gameplay.

As for what's keeping Hennig busy these days, she said she's started her own independent studio and she's been doing some consulting.

Now, speaking to Eurogamer at this week's Gamelab event in Barcelona, Hennig has revealed that she left EA in January this year, and is in the process of setting up an independent developer.

"Yes, Amy Hennig has moved on from Electronic Arts". We have so much respect for her and the creative spirit she brought to the teams and projects she worked on at EA.

As for the original single-player Star Wars game she helmed-codenamed "Ragtag", which would have let players constantly switch perspectives between multiple Han Solo-like "scoundrels and criminals"-Hennig offered very little hope for it to ever surface. We wish Amy all the best with what comes next, and we will all be watching with excitement".

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