Shouldn't you have more important things to do: Fallon to Trump

President Donald Trump reignited a fight with late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Monday at a rally in South Carolina

President Donald Trump reignited a fight with late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Monday at a rally in South Carolina

Jimmy Fallon has never been a fan of talking about politics.

Not typically one to venture into the political arena, Fallon had no shortage of jokes at Trump's expense as he ended his monologue - even taking time to comment on Sarah Huckabee Sanders's ejection from a restaurant on Friday.

'The guy at CBS is, what a low-life, what a low-life, ' Trump added, invoking Colbert.

"I'd go to the studio to do a shot, to do a thing", Trump said.

Trump doubled down on his criticism of Fallon for the recent Hollywood Reporter podcast interview in which Fallon apologized for "humanizing" the president almost two years ago.

Fallon had previously expressed regret over the infamous 2016 interview in which Fallon tussled Trump's hair, which caught Trump's ire.

On Sunday, Trump slammed Fallon on Twitter, saying he was "whimpering" about a Tonight Show segment they did together in 2016. The moment went viral and led to criticism for Fallon.

And now Fallon is literally crying about it. I heard you. You made me feel bad. "What would make you happy?" I don't want his number.

In honor of the President's tweet I'll be making a donation to RAICES in his name. And I can laugh at myself. "I really will, Donald, starting tomorrow". "And, looking back, I would do it differently".

"But this is a real tweet from the president". But you know what?

"I mean, honestly, are these people amusing?" he asked.

Fallon is just the latest in a long line of public figures to spark the president's ire. They intentionally never see the forest for the trees, over there on Fox.

Trump then explained that Fallon had called him to thank him for his appearance, as it gave The Tonight Show "monster ratings".

"I know that you guys are cheering", Noah told his audience, "but I'm sorry, I think that was the wrong thing to do".

'Then I thought: "Wait, shouldn't he have more important things to do?" "A new poll found that 58 per cent of Americans think President Trump is intelligent".

While she didn't say which airline the Trainors used for delivery, I'm assuming it was Moo Goo Gai Pan Am.

Jimmy Fallon - who has largely sought to stay out of that fray - has discovered that in the current climate, there's a price to be paid for comedic timidity as well.

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