Lakers reportedly acquire 2nd-round pick from Sixers

Report: Sixers trade 39th pick in NBA draft to Lakers - Philly

Lakers reportedly acquire 2nd-round pick from Sixers

For one, he is a skilled guy. That could leave Wagner with a chance to play a key role in the rotation. "And we won't rest until we get it right and I think that's just how Magic and I are built, the rest of our staff, to work until we just get it done".

"To be honest with you, I haven't even anxious about [how much I'll play] yet ... I think sustainable success is really our goal".

Wagner played in the youth system of German pro team ALBA Berlin before MI coach John Beilein traveled to Europe on a one-day recruiting trip and persuaded him to head for Ann Arbor.

He seemed to know something they didn't, and he followed his heart. "Dirk [Nowitzki] had a huge impact on that, Dirk being a player that made it, had done incredible things in the league, being a player under the radar a long time, a skinny kid from Germany and somehow made it. It's a dream very, very far away when you're over there, and it's exciting to be here now".

It could be even more exciting.

Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers, whore all targeting LeBron James in the hope of strengthening their respective lineups comes the free agency season this summer, might end up frustrated seeing their plans disappear into thin air.

Wagner is watching, but said it's nothing he's going to worry about.

"When you build a team, you have to have pillars that you build on", Pelinka said.

"He said, 'welcome to the Family.' That means a lot", Wagner said.

"I'll personally feel a sense of urgency until we win a championship, I won't rest until then", Pelinka added. I'm very excited to have a fellow MI man on my side. It also gives UM a player in the first round for the third straight year and in five out of the last six.

"Kyle Kuzma is from MI, but other than that we don't really have a relationship". After getting the call from Pelinka, Wagner already knew it was Showtime.

More so than any single basketball skill, the Lakers fell in love with Wagner's personality during pre-draft interviews and workouts.

What they say: Mykhailiuk was the youngest player to ever debut in the Big 12 at 17 years old. Coach [Luke] Walton used to play, as well, and he's a player's coach.

"But we can control the environment we have here and creating energy where great players want to be Lakers".

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