Lakers not inviting LiAngelo Ball to join summer league team

LiAngelo Ball

LaVar Ball Says Lakers Trading Lonzo Would Be 'Worst Move They Ever Made'

After LiAngelo's workout with the Lakers, he told the media he doesn't think that his dad would affect his draft stock, but it's pretty clear he has.

LiAngelo Ball was a long shot to get drafted, and as many predicted, he did not hear his name called Thursday night.

There is an argument to be made that he is of the playing caliber to latch on with a Summer League roster but the traveling circus of the Ball Family might scare teams off, particularly in the fishbowl that will be a 30-team Las Vegas gathering in early-to-mid July.

The Lakers never promised that to LiAngelo Ball during the process and informed him late Thursday night he would not be one of the players they brought to summer league.

Prior to the 2018 draft, LiAngelo had worked out with the Golden State Warriors as well as the Lakers.

LiAngelo's older brother, Lonzo, was drafted second overall by Los Angeles in the 2017 NBA Draft. Unfortunately, reports indicate that answer is a strong "no", even with the Lakers' G League team in play.

Your guess at what the "LaVar effect" is probably a good one.

"Obviously there's more to it than basketball", said a source.

If the Lakers, which do want to keep a good relationship with Lonzo at the very least, won't invite LiAngelo, it doesn't sound like he has much hope from the rest of the National Basketball Association.

That didn't stop LaVar from laying out his master plan for his sons a few months ago though.

Still, none of that is likely to stop the Lakers from dealing Ball if they can ultimately land a ready-made star this offseason.

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