Ant-Man 2: Civil War Aftermath & New Suit

Avengers Infinity war star won't be back in Avengers 4

MARVELAvengers Infinity War star won't be back in Avengers 4

Although the actress famously played Catwoman in 1992's "Batman Returns", Pfeiffer says she was hesitant to join the superhero franchise. The theme this time is more "normal" superhero battles and auto chases "jazzed up" by size-change gimmicks with people, cars, buildings and other objects and a plot device of Scott's suit malfunctioning at random inopportune times. In a new interview with BackstageOL, the titular hero aired her grievance with the frequent dissatisfaction she's heard men share about their super suits.

With Ant-Man and the Wasp, Marvel has beautifully crafted a hilarious, touching, and inspiring film for families.

"I feel like there were a couple of near misses where [we could've worked together] but it didn't really happen, but that's typical", said the Scarface icon.

Lilly and Rudd in the "Ant-Man" sequel. I don't know. And certainly - taking our cue from the comics as we always do - that's why we wanted Cassie, a very young Cassie in this movie, to be inspired by her father.

As the title advertises, the second film pairs Scott - after explaining his absence from "Infinity War", and the fallout from "Captain America: Civil War" -with Pym's daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly), who has her own micro-tech outfit with a few upgrades, including wings and sting-like blasters. "And I got into my suit and I was wearing it, working in it, doing my thing, and I was like, "it's just not that bad".

"I got a call saying, 'We've decided not to put you in Civil War and there was this moment I could tell where the feeling in the room was like, 'I'm sorry - don't be offended'".

The embargo just lifted for Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp, due out in the US on July 6th, while large swathes of World Cup-afflicted Europe will have to wait a few extra weeks. "Why do I have to go through this?" a clearly passionate Lilly continued.

"I think for a film series that is going on 10 years and is gearing towards a conclusion with Avengers 4, which you don't usually have in these kind of movies, you can sort of do the math". Captain America and Iron Man can only entertain audiences for so long, so the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to add some heroes to keep fans entertained long term. I think he's going to Europe with his friends.

"Sometimes I will read characters and I will think, 'Who would do that?"

That's the look of "Yeah, I just stole your movie". Hopefully these fantastic reviews will encourage more people to see Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters, disproving the current predictions that it will be one of Marvel's lowest grossing movies to date.

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